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VCE player

You need a VCE player to use these practice tests. There are 2 ways to get access to this VCE player. Via the Windows APP store and via the Bluestack website. We advise using the Windows APP store version.

Windows APP store (paid version)

Download the VCE player via this URL:

Please note; the free version is a short demo. To gain access to the full version you need to have an active paid subscription.

Bluestack website (free version)

Download BlueStacks (you can use

Install BlueStacks

Open Bluestacks and login with a gmail email address. (one time only)

Download the VCE app here

Password unzip:

Double click on the .apk file.

Go to a VCE file on

Right click on the yellow button to copy the URL underneath.

Open Bluestacks and open the A+ VCE Silver app

Click on “ADD”

Click on “remote”

Paste the URL you just copied from the website

Start the exam