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On the internet a lot of free IT practice tests can be found. IT Practice Test Online is a free of charge platform where a lot of these free of charge IT practice tests are bundled. This way you can easily find the IT Practice Test you need to practice for your exam.

Sometimes we found different IT practice test versions for the same exam. That’s why we sometimes display more test versions.

After you subscribed for free you can use all available IT practice tests. You need a VCE player. After you installed this VCE player, downloaded an exam and added the exam to the VCE player you can start with your IT practice test.

How to download and install an A+ VCE player is described here:

In summary:

Step 1: select and download your exam

Step 2: download and install the A+ VCE player

Step 3: import your exam file in the VCE player

Step 4: start with your exam